First Baptist Student Ministry provides students in 7th -- 12th grades with opportunities to become growing Christians and to mature in their walk with Christ.  Students who become Christ Followers and mature in their faith during these years have a foundation to become Christ following adults. The FBC Student Ministry provides opportunities for students to connect with others who share their faith and to participate in faith-building activities that are fun and that provide spiritual growth and worship experiences.


Permission Form

I hereby grant permission for my child, named below, to participate in the above activity of the FBC Student Ministries program. I understand that my child participates in this activity at his or her own risk, and I hereby waive and release the First Baptist Church Newton, its Student Ministries Director, and its volunteer adult supervisors from all liability for any injury, personal or otherwise, to my child or caused by my child during the course of his or her participation in this activity, including during transportation to and from the activity location, if applicable. Should any problems arise concerning the behavior of my child that would require that he or she return home prior to the end of the activity, I agree to be held responsible for any related transportation costs. Furthermore, I recognize that FBC and its Student Ministries program uses photographs and video images of events in published materials such as the Church website, newsletters and bulletins, and I hereby grant permission for photo/video images of my child to be taken and to be used for such purposes.

In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize the treatment of my child, the minor named above, by a qualified and licensed medical doctor if it is the opinion of that doctor that the treatment is medically necessary and I cannot be reached after reasonable effort has been made to secure my personal consent. Further, I agree to be held responsible for any medical expenses that may be incurred as a result.



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