Children's Ministries

We value children at FBC Newton and we have a strong desire to not only minister to them, but to provide an a safe and fun environment where they can grow in their relationship with God. We want to partner with parents to see children thrive and grow into maturity. We offer many activities for children to participate in.

RA's, GA's & Mission Friends


RAs and GAs are mission based organizations that meet on Wednesday evenings, where boys and girls can come and learn about missions around the world. They hear about specific missionaries and the work that they do, as well as pray for them and learn to tell other people about Jesus.

GAs, or Girls in Action, is for 1st-5th grade girls. These girls are able to pray for missionaries overseas as they learn about them through fun lessons and crafts! 

RAs, or Royal Ambassadors, is for 1st-5th grade boys. Throughout the school year, these boys get to be on mission with God through Bible lessons and games, where they learn about different countries where we have missionaries. 

Preschool and Kindergarten is an exciting time in children’s lives, where they rapidly grow to understand the world around them. It’s during this time that they develop spiritual understanding about Who God is and how they play a part in His plan for the world. That’s why we have Mission Friends — to provide the building blocks of faith to them and raise a basic awareness of God’s love for all people. A missions heart will become entwined in their hearts as they grow to know God and the missions message of the Bible.